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 Product List
Photography necessary

A. 接待区 Reception Area 

B. 决策层办公室 Executive Director Office 

C.中层办公室 Mid-Level Manager Office 

D.数据分析师半开放职员区 Half-Open Staff Area Of Data Analyst 

E. 中层开发办公室 The Middle Open Office Area 

F. 高层办公室 Senior Manager Office 

G.销售代表、客服开放职员区 Open Staff Area of Sales & Customer Service Representative 

H.技术专员半开放职员区 Half-open staff area of Technical specialist 

I.互动交流区 Interactive Communication  Area

J.中型会议室 Medium Conference Room 

K.小型会议室 Small Conference Room 

L.洽谈区 Chat Area

A.决策层办公室 Decision maker office 

B. 中层办公室 Mid-level manager office 

C.数据管理者办公室 data management office

D.产品开发职员区 products development staff area

E.销售、客户服务代表开放职员区 open staff area of sales & customer service representative 

F. 数据分析师半开放职员区 Half-open staff area of Data Analyst

G.技术专员半开放职员区 Half-open staff area of Technical specialist 

H. 互动交流区 Interactive communication area 

I.中型会议室 Medium conference room 

J.大型会议室 Large conference room 

K.接待区 reception area 

L.茶水间 tea room 

A.接待区 reception area

B.吧台休闲区 Bar Lounge

C.中型会议室 Medium conference room 


open staff area of sale & customer service representative

E.中层办公室 Mid-level manager office 

F.项目分组开放职员区 project groups open staff area 

G. 项目分组开放职员区 project groups open staff area  




Within the linited space through  the different waste and various screen design, create a diverse work space.


For fixed and mobile workers and the changing requirements of organizations, to provide support.


Provide planning possibilities and flexible modification and  comprehensively with the changing and development of business requirements.


Always to the user as the center, efforts to provide work plan of the space, giving the design of the user to control the environment, and make it into the team.


Diversification of space 

Work Station 


Team Work


Functional Space